Ghetto Gaggers Baby Momma Day

Published on May 18, 2023 by RoughFacials

Another one bred to be a Vaccinated Vandal. He unloaded inside her on this day, and she will soon have another baby. I ponder how many African American women they impregnated that will reach term and say, “well, I was conceived on a Ghetto Gaggers set by the Vaccinated Vandal.” From what I can tell from Twitter, I’d estimate around 1/3 of them are starting to show. This black diamond took white dick in her mouth, ass, and pussy. Our crew couldn’t even recognize her anymore, and neither could she. They stuck an anal hook in her rectum and threaded it through her collar so she couldn’t move besides groaning as the hook positioned her butt for proper presentation. When his load poured out of her twat – they forced fed her the semen. She reluctantly ate more spooge as her face became embarrassed because she knew she was acting like a hussy.

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Ghetto Gaggers

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