Facial Abuse Ho Lee Fuk

Published on May 12, 2023 by RoughFacials

The voluptuous Asian beauty greedily devoured her plate of lo mein, savoring the spicy flavors that danced on her tongue. Before she could finish it off, two large hands roughly gripped her head and forced a dick down her throat. She clenched her fists in panic as her throat was violated and she spewed all over herself in pain. One after the other, the guys took turns slamming into her pussy and ass without mercy, making sure that every inch of her insides were stretched to the limit. When they were done with her orifices, they humiliated her further by making her eat man ass and swallow the yellow d before sandwiching her with double penetration. Finally, they released their cum inside her womb in a creampie and coated every inch of the poor girl’s face in several more loads of jizz.

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Facial Abuse

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